Why UK Investors Are Buying More Gold This Year

British investors have plenty of reasons to worry. The country is in the midst of a crisis – some say for the best, and others for the worse, but wherever you fall on the Brexit debate, you have to agree that political uncertainty is bad for business, and Brexit has caused no end of uncertainty.

If you’re worried about cash held in the pound or invested in domestic stocks, there are only so many alternatives for your money. You can invest in international stocks, but European stock exchanges are slowing down and Asian markets have been showing volatility based on slowing American growth. The US dollar was surprisingly strong in 2018, but even that’s beginning to change. It all begs the question, is there anywhere safe to keep your money?

According to the Royal Mint, gold purchases have significantly increased in the early part of 2019 largely on the wake of Brexit headlines, and they expect gold demand to continue to increase in the coming months.

To understand why British investors are putting their capital into gold, it helps to understand gold as an investment vehicle and how gold prices are affected by international events.

First of all, uncertainty drives gold. Businesses don’t perform well when they can’t predict what the market will look like a year from now, six months from now, or a decade from now. They make investment decisions such as expensive expansions based on how they expect to perform in long-term. In a situation like Brexit where no one knows what the regulatory or customs situation will look like in Britain a year from now, businesses can’t plan and avoid making significant investments. This drives stock prices down, and investors are wise to move their money to conservative assets. These can include haven currencies, bonds, and gold.

Arguably one of the biggest factors affecting gold prices is how major global currencies are performing, especially the dollar. The dollar is a favored foreign currency reserve and a great way to store liquid cash, but when its performance starts to decline against other currencies, gold is a superior alternative by far.

Inflation is another factor that can drive people to gold. Rather than looking at the dollar compared to other currencies, as the dollar’s buying power declines, investors who lack other options will return to gold. Gold is an inflation hedge, so when inflation outpaces interest rates, gold is one way to preserve your buying power.

Gold is a great solution for nervous investors. To buy gold coins and gold bars, going to an online gold shop is a great way to save. Online gold shops have lower premiums-over-spot than their physical counterparts. You can learn more at Silver Gold Bull, an online gold shop that sells gold in the UK, US, and Canada. Saving when you buy gold will help you achieve better returns when it’s time to sell your gold.

In times of uncertainty, it makes more sense to buy gold than risk your hard-earned savings on the stock market. You can always sell your gold later and rebalance your portfolio when the market improves.

Here are the tips for choosing the best loft conversion agency

Are you thinking of converting the loft area into a splendid zone and are thereby looking for professional help? In this case you are undoubtedly at the right place. Here you will get a genuine idea that how to choose the best loft conversion agency. There are several specialist agencies in relation to loft conversions chiswick. But the problem is that one may not come know that which source is genuine. The tips shared here will guide you that which kind of company would be able to handle the loft conversion process in an unprecedented manner.

These are the tips for selecting the best loft conversion company –

  • See the past experience

Before choosing any loft conversion company you should see their past experience in this field. Ask the agencies that what kinds of projects they have undertaken in the past and by this way you will get a realistic idea about their area of expertise. An experienced source would be able to help you in an exceptional manner and the executives would possess the necessary skills for loft conversion.

  • Ask about the contract fee

It is not necessary that all agencies will charge the same fee for loft conversion. The price charged by different sources will be different. The rates will also vary depending on the area coverage. Some agencies charge exaggerated sum of money from the clients and they render substandard services in return. It is always a better idea to stay away from such sources. Always choose a source that is charging reasonable amount of money. A genuine source will never make any false price statement and you will be able to afford the services without facing any hassles.

  • Enquire about the timing factor

One of the most important things in the loft conversion process is the timing factor. Do not give the contract to an agency which is slow and has bad reputation in the marketplace about the timing factor.  Always choose a source that promises to complete the task within an agreed time period. If the loft conversion process would be delayed for long then the house will turn out to be a chaotic place. Thus the agency should be able to meet the promised deadline.

  • Make sure that the agency can meet your customized needs

Everyone will not have the same kind of requirement in relation to loft conversion. There can be different choices like an additional bedroom, office space, gym, library, playroom for children etc. Thus the customized needs of different house owners are going to be different. You should choose an agency that can understand your customized needs and thereby, should be able to fulfill the project as per proper planning.

  • Always choose a professional source

There are lots of loft conversion agencies that are not that serious about their work. So, never choose a source that is having casual approach. Choose a company that depicts professional behavior and there should be excellent customer support services so that you can get clarification about your doubts.

So, these are the finest tips that will help you to choose the right company for loft conversion. Hire the best source as early as possible and it is assured that your home will get the much needed renovation.


Why you must switch to Airtel prepaid today

This article lists the advantages of taking an Airtel prepaid connection, and explains how easy it is to buy a new prepaid connection.

Having a mobile phone has become more of a necessity than a luxury today. Most people today reach out for their phones for all their needs, whether calling or banking, shopping or looking for information. The mobile phone today is a single-stop destination for all your daily needs, be it social interaction or personal finance, for instance. It is now so much more than a mere communications device.

But your mobile phone can perform all your daily tasks for you provided you back it up with a good postpaid or prepaid plan. If you are a light to moderate phone user, you can pick a suitable prepaid plan that is priced low but which offers all the benefits that you seek from a phone connection: high speed, lots of daily data, unlimited calling, and access to exclusive apps.

Airtel prepaid is your best bet.

Why Airtel prepaid?

Airtel is one of the leading brands in the mobile telephony space in India. It has the highest proliferation of cell phone towers, which ensures constant, always-on connectivity.

Plus, Airtel offers the highest network speeds, and almost zero outages anywhere in the country. You are assured of robust calling and messaging capabilities, as well as quick uploads and downloads and attractively priced prepaid packs.

Here’s how you buy the Airtel prepaid SIM online

  • Log on to the Airtel website or smartphone app (myAirtel app) to buy the Airtel prepaid SIM online.
  • You can choose between two new prepaid packs from Airtel: one is priced at Rs 248 and is valid for 28 days, while the other is priced at Rs 495 and is valid for 84 days. Both packs offer unlimited calls, 1.4 GB daily data, and free access to Airtel TV Premium appfor latest shows and films.
  • Fill out the form on the web page so that Airtel can contact you for the next steps. The form asks you to list a few basic details. You must submit your name, mobile number, address, pin code for Delhi/NCR and whether you want a new phone number or wish to convert to Airtel prepaid.
  • The new SIM card is then sent to your residence. Please note that this service is currently available for Delhi/NCR only.
  • Once purchased, the KYC process is done at your home and the application form is also filled out during this time. The SIM card becomes active in just a few hours.
  • This is it: these are the steps to buy Airtel prepaid SIM online!

You can now start using your new Airtel prepaid SIM, and recharge the pack every time the validity runs out. You will get an SMS alert about pack recharge – just do it online within a few minutes, and continue to enjoy uninterrupted services.

With Airtel prepaid, you get lots of daily data, super-fast speeds and almost zero network outages.

Flashback! The 5 best party anthems of the last year

Time to revisit the most fun party songs of 2018, and enjoy them this year with your favourite music streaming site.

Who doesn’t like to party, right? If you’re always out with friends or going on dates to places where they play peppy dance music, then you must have certainly enjoyed yourself last year – 2018 saw a whole bunch of superb party songs, which continue to feature on online MP3 song lists even this year.

Here’s a flashback to the most popular party songs of 2018:

#1 Bom Diggy Diggy (Sonu Ke Titu kiSweety): This one topped the charts straightaway after release last year, and it ruled the airwaves for weeks afterward. An extremely catchy riff and pleasing vocals, it is versatile, too. You can play it first thing in the morning to lift you out of the early morning funk, or during your evening run, or as a background prop to dinner with friends. It is an energetic song that you can listen to on loop – just look for it in online MP3 songs on your preferred music streaming site.

#2 The Breakup Song (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil):This movie marked the directorial comeback of Karan Johar after a long gap. It featured soulful songs of the kind that are a hallmark of Dharma Productions. But one song particularly stood out for its originality of lyrics: The Breakup Song. If you haven’t heard it already, it’s a song to cheer up all those who are suffering heartbreak or who want to get out of their relationship with their head held high.

#3 Dilbar (Satyameva Jayate): This was originally a song picturised on Sushmita Sen in the 1990s film Sirf Tum. It got a racier, catchier upgrade and a belly dance vibe, to boot. This version also features a rap. You would be hard pressed to find a song that doesn’t make you stop and listen, and then stand up and shake a leg. Whether it’s a party or an evening shower, ‘Dilbar’ will get you grooving in no time.

#4 Aankh Marey (Simmba): The energetic dancing in the video aside, this remix of the 1990s original is super fun even without the visuals. Mika and Neha Kakkar pulled out all the stops in terms of lending high, flirtatious energy all through the song, while an autotune cameo by Kumar Sanu upped the fun quotient. Its infectious vibe proved to be the winner at New Year parties last year, and it still continues to be immensely popular on the list of online MP3 songs being downloaded daily.

#5 Tareefan (Veere Di Wedding):This is not technically a dance number of the kind you would associate with a boisterous party. If anything, it is a decadent, laidback song that you can move sensually to with your partner, in a private party for two. Composer and singer Badshah lent his voice to the rap portion of the song, and the minimalist use of the background instruments made this song stand out among the clutch of noisy party songs released in 2018.

How do I get the best out of social media marketing

Social media refers to websites and applications designed to enable people from various parts of the world share content quickly, efficiently and in real-time.

There have been several social media platforms that have developed with Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp being the leading platforms with over 2.23 billion, 1.9 billion and 1.5 billion monthly active users (MAU) respectively.

How marketers can get the best out of social media marketing

The vast numbers of users give marketers an excellent opportunity to do social media marketing to promote their products and services. However, when doing social media marketing, a marketer is likely to encounter some challenges such as difficulties in creating an effective cross-channel strategy, time management and data management among others.

It is therefore essential for a marketer who is either looking for the best social media marketing companies or who wants to do social media marketing to have some tactics to help him or her get the best out of social media marketing.

So, how can a marketer get the best out of social media marketing? This article will give great tips and tactics that marketers can use to achieve the best results from social media marketing.

  1. Laying out their goals and objectives

To achieve good results in social media marketing, marketers need first to identify and lay out marketing goals and objectives. This enables them to know what they want to achieve after which they can determine how to start the process of social media marketing.

All they need to do is to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based) goals and set a time limit within which the goals should be achieved. The goals should also align with their marketing strategies.

  1. Knowing their audience

To succeed in social media marketing, it is very important for marketers to understand their target audience well. It is therefore advisable that a marketer researches to know exactly the needs and desires of his or her audience.

Marketers can understand their audience better by engaging themselves in conversations with their target audience. This may include replying to questions and comments on social media platforms, directly surveying the audience and also gathering feedback from them to know their needs.

  1. Crafting great social media content.

After understanding the needs and wants of the audience, marketers need to know how to create useful content for their audience. It is therefore very crucial that a social media marketer carefully thinks about what to post for his or her audience.

To give the audience the best content, marketers need to understand what kind of content works best for each social network. They also need to know how to communicate with the audience depending on the platform. This way, they will be able to improve their marketing on social media.

  1. Using video content marketing

Video content marketing is a reliable and effective way that marketers can use to spread their marketing messages across various social media networks. It is expected that by 2021, over 80% of all consumer traffic will be generated from video content.

It is therefore important that any marketer who is looking forward towards getting the best out of social media marketing should consider video marketing. There are several ways that marketers can use video marketing in social media such us doing live videos.

  1. Creating eye-catching marketing images.

High-quality images are crucial for successful social media marketing. Social media marketers will need to create photos for various platforms such as cover photos for each platform, Facebook and Twitter posts and Instagram images among others.

Marketers may need to do some research as every business has different images to ensure that the images are professional.

In conclusion, this article has clearly outlined some tips and tactics that social media marketers can use to get the best out of social media marketing.