People do change when they face imminent death

People do change when they face imminent death

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What is your “true age”? Do you want to know how old your body is? Then you might be interested in telomere testing! The telomeres are shrinking right now. So are yours. Every time a cell divides, its telomeres shorten until they reach a critical length, and the cell dies. Their shrinking serves as a kind of clock that counts off a cell’s life span. They tell everybody: Time’s running out.

If you get yourself tested, you may predict your life span and health risks. In doing so, it is better that you ask an expert right away what are the next steps that you can so in order to avoid these. It can predict various life threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases early on so that preventive measures can be taken.

Cancer uncontained

Cancer cells don’t die, that is why cancer is considered very dangerous. Cancer cells are able to continually rebuild their telomeres after each division. Powered by telomerase, cancer cells are able to prevent telomere shortening which let them replicate without limitation, and plausibly live forever. The build-up of these cells create tumors. And we all know too well what comes next if not treated as soon as possible.

Why not treat cancer by eliminating the telomerase then?

In fact, scientists are already working on finding treatments that would target certain cells with high levels of telomerase. Knowing which cells have telomerase activity may be a good way to detect cancer.

 There are however, risks involved in targeting telomerase.

Healthy cells that require telomerase for their normal functionssuch as blood cells, immune system cells, and reproductive cellscan also possibly suffer when targeting cancer cell telomerase.

Testing telomerase levels may show if you have diabetes and/or heart diseases

Telomere testing

Studies have shown that people who got tested for telomerase and found that those people with the shortest telomeres were more than likely to develop type 2 diabetes over the course of 5 years, excluding other risk factors that may cause development of diabetes.

Studies also show that these people who have shorter telomeres have a higher risk of getting coronary artery disease which may possibly lead to heart attacks.

Benefits of getting a telomere test

The primary benefits of getting a telomere test may just be the information it gives you with regards to your biological age. This certain bit of information may just motivateyou to make certain adjustments to your lifestyle that can lead to better health and a longer life.Telomeres for a fact are known to respond well to a healthy lifestyle. If you maintain a good low-sugar, nutrient rich diet, and exercise regularly and free yourself from constant stress, you are less likely to undergo accelerated telomere shortening.

Taking the test will surely change you outlook on life as well as your lifestyle for the better. It is a good way to get the much needed motivation to turn your life around when you know that there is a possibility that something is wrong with you or something will go wrong with you. Take the possible preventive measures needed to avoid these and have a full, healthy and happy life.


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