Private Office a Good Place to Work

Private Office a Good Place to Work

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An office is a location, typically a building or part of a building, where a company conducts its business. Generally, there is only one office of a company that is known as the home branch or main branch and there is variety of other field offices or branch offices. There is a room assigned to a specific person or a group of persons in such a place. An office is known as the brain of the organization by which the whole organizational activities are guided and instructed. The accomplishment of an organization depends upon the effectiveness of its office.  The functions of the office are Planning and policy making, Acquiring and managing assets, Development of system and procedures and Management of materials and supplies. There are many types of office like Government Office, Business Office, Social service Office and private office. The Private Offices are small rooms or cabinets which are separated from the open office by partitions. They are usually meant for top executives like Managing Director, Secretary, General Manager, Sales Department Manager and the like. Sometimes, offices is provided to a group of people who are doing the special project, performing confidential nature of work or need of concentration of work.

There are advantages and disadvantage of office that are private in nature. Advantages of office that are private are that, in these offices privacy is there. Privacy is available for confidential discussions. One can concentrate in these types of offices. There is an absence of clamor in a private office. Hence, the greater concentration in work is achievable. This gives room for improvement in the efficiency of staff; a private office can be tidier and less regimented. Overcrowding or congestion is also eliminated, there is healthy atmosphere better lighting, and ventilation; heating and cooling are available in private office.


There are many disadvantages of office that are private like there is a problem of uneconomical in private office. A lot of space is used for partitions and corridors. Therefore, the cost of office space is increased. More expense is involved in decorations, cleaning, and maintenance, there is a Costly Supervision; it leads to difficult supervision. The supervisor loses personal contact with the staff. Hence, more supervisors are appointed for effective supervision. Thus, the cost of supervision is stepped up. There is poor natural lighting and ventilation in Private Offices and flow of natural air and natural lighting is interrupted due to many walls and partitions. There is Affects free Flow of Work and many walls and partitions are adversely affecting the free flow of work. Movement of files is also delayed. It is inflexible and many walls and partitions make the task of office layout more complicated and less flexible. There is poor communication and transmission of information is hindered due to walls and partitions. Movement of files is also delayed. Overall offices that are private have its advantages as well as disadvantages but it is a good place to work.

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