Revealing TheTop 5 Customer ExperienceTrends To Pay Attention To

Revealing TheTop 5 Customer ExperienceTrends To Pay Attention To

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In this customer-focused business landscape, delivering top-grade customer experience has become the most vital aspect to increase sales and revenue streams. As the customer expectations are varying dramatically,it has become more challenging task for call centre companies to meet customer demands. Nowadays, price or features of the products are no longer the critical factors that draw customer attention. So, it is time for call centre service providers to redefine a winning strategy that drives customer engagement.

In this blog, you can see the top 5 customer experience trends that you should pay attention to achieve success.

Focus on holistic customer experience: It is not just enough to conduct customer survey once in a year and utilisethose results in constructing a roadmap that you refer to the next year. In the present era,call centresare focused on active customer listening and real-time response.That means they are taking their steps backand looking forward at the full customer lifecycle.

Customer experience evangelists are focusing on the following tactics:

  • Using tools like Net Promoter Score (NPS) to constantly measure customer behaviors and help inprioritising product improvement.
  • Providing live customer support with helpful and knowledgeable content
  • Using ticketing tools to ensure that no single opportunity gets missed
  • Ensuring complete and approved onboarding experience
  • Giving autonomy to call centre reps so that they can do best thatmakes customer happier
  • Announcing referral programs that prioritiseexisting customer, rewarding them for word of mouth


Measure customer experience through data analytics: “By 2020,customer experience will overtake price and product specifications as the key brand differentiator”– according to WalkerInfo. It is now a focused area of C-level conversation. As key positioners pay more attention to it, measurability must be followed. As a customer experience expert, you will need to report on current customer behavior and patterns and have a plan in hand to make desired improvements. By using data analytics, customer specialists drill down big data into useful data that helps in determining customer behaviors. NPS is particularly the best way to track customer sentiments that can be shared with key decision makers.

Continued focus on mobile: Mobile is in the vogue and isn’t going anywhere. According to a report published by comScore, it has found that people spend more time on mobile devices than on desktop.Be it is the purpose of looking for product reviews or searching a product, smartphone is the device that customers are using to address their needs. This is an important element in buying process. As the smartphone adoption is increasing at the fast pace, a call centre service providershould focus on mobile to enhance customer experience.To engage customersor clients, business leaders will need to cater best-in-class services on their mobile devices. You will need to ensure that you are providing readable emails, mobile-friendly contents to serve customer needs.

Self-service is the utmost priority: Nowadays, no customer likes to wait on hold for a customer service rep to process request. Most of the people prefer live chat, or serving themselves through useful contents.Self-help customer service option is the powerful solution to engage more and more customers. In this tech-driven era, customers are appreciating the speed and efficiency of finding the answers to their questions rather than calling a customer care rep, waiting on hold and repeating the problem/query again and again. You can post useful content like e-book, infographics and FAQ on your website to assist customers in the way they want to be.

Increasing personalisation:In current times, customers expect to know who they are and expect great service. A study by Monetate found that 94% of marketing professionals believe that “personalisation of the digital experience is important to shape the future growth.”To create personalised experience, a result-driven call centre service provider should focus on sending personal emails and take follow-ups so that customers will feel they are well taken care of.

The future of customer engagement

To keep up with the pace of delivering excellent customer experience, call centre service providersshould focus on the latest trends. In this year, companies are intenttoprovidethe best experiences to their customers, nomatter what device they are on and what communication channel they are opting.


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