Search Engine Optimization: How it (SEO) works?

Search Engine Optimization: How it (SEO) works?

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Everyone likes to be noticed and appreciated; so is the case of the hundreds of websites on the internet. Lot of useful and engrossing information is provided by these websites but only a few of them succeed in attracting hordes of visitors. Why could this be so? The answer lies in the search engine optimization techniques followed by the website.

Search Engine Optimization Technique- Explained through an Example

Suppose you have created a website on scuba diving. The information given in the website is engrossing and enthralling, there are a lot of colorful below the sea images and the entire content can prove useful to the interested viewer. But this shall be viewed by the reader only if your website makes it to the top page of search results. It is essential for you to convince the search engines that indeed your web page deserves the top rankings. In this context, the technique of search engine optimization (SEO) proves highly effective.


Factors that Determine Search Engine Rankings

SEO for a website is done to get high rankings on the search engines. How are these rankings decided? Google allots a score to every website which decides its ranking. A complicated mathematical formula known as the algorithm is used by Google to ascertain the website score. Any expert SEO company in Mumbai will explain that there are three major factors among the many that influence the website score:

  • Quality content
  • Trust
  • Authority

The website should have unique content that stands out and is different from what is already available on the existing websites. Say for in the above example, where you have created a website on scuba diving, there has to be engrossing information on and images of some unique spots or celebrity hot spots for scuba diving to be included. Creativity is the key factor here.

Next is the trust element that is invoked by the website. Getting consistently good reviews is one way of doing this. It is also essential to get maximum number of industry or newspaper article links or links from authoritative websites to your site. Greater the number of links and favorable reviews obtained by your website greater is the trust.

The third factor is the authority commanded by the website. A large social network has to be built, more visitors encouraged to leave testimonials and a huge fan base which talks about you has to be developed to give Google the confidence that your website is truly authoritative.


Working involved in Search Engine Optimization

SEO works on the above three fronts in a big way in order to prove to Google that indeed your website is one of the best sites. SEO services ensure that the website is designed in such a way that it fulfills all standards laid down by Google and is favorable to the user. A search engine optimized site will therefore have important keywords placed at the right positions in the right number as far as content goes and has maximum links from relevant high ranking websites.

Search Engine Optimization for a website is no straightforward process and that is why most of the website owners look further for Affordable SEO Packages Mumbai.


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