Six Tips to Make Notes from Your Textbook

Notes are handy and are an ideal way to use them for reference and memorization. Some teachers may ask you to learn from your textbooks independently, whereas some teach you from the book. In both the cases, they may not cover all the topics mentioned in the book. Therefore, it is important for you to make textbook notes, which you can use for future reference and memorizing.

Assigned Reading

It is imperative on your part to check your syllabus and accordingly consult your textbook. It is good if you can give yourself five minutes of assigned reading your textbook. In case you are slow in reading, you need more time to read and reflect.

Chapter Headings and Subheadings

Before you start reading it is good to read chapter headings and subheadings, this will make you understand as what kind of information you will get in this chapter. Most of the textbooks are divided into easy digestible sections with headings and subheadings to help students understand the concept better. Remember those words which are written in bold letters, these words may be key concepts or vocabulary words. In case there are no headings or subheadings in your textbook chapter, then read the first two sentences of each paragraph.


Supplemental Charts and Graphs

Generally, students skip over the information which is provided in charts or boxes. This is not a good concept because this information may be the key to understand the whole concept of your textbook chapter. Go through the supplemental material(charts and graphs) and read the captions. This will help you to retrieve the key information later. Your subconscious mind will remember the pictures and charts.

Avoid Distractions

When you read, you are supposed to be free from any background noise or distractions. This will help you to focus and gain the information you need. It is a vital to be free from any kind of disturbances, especially when you are learning a new concept or going through complex ideas. Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit down and read your textbooks.

Divide the Your Task into Manageable Sections

If you have assigned yourself a task to read a 30 page chapter, then it is imperative to break it into smaller sections. This way you can concentrate properly without getting exhausted. This is quite natural that you cannot read a 30 page text in a single go with proper understanding. You can divide it into five page sections as they are manageable.

Active Reading

It is quite easy to read something without concentrating, but when you are reading a complex subject or which is uninteresting to you, you will not gain much from your reading. This is also called passive reading, which occurs when you are reading without concentrating on the content. Your eyes are looking at each word, but you are unable to retain the information you have read.

Active reading means you can summarize your ideas and think about what you have read. Active reading doesn’t mean highlighting the content or making textbook notes, you just need to understand what you are reading.


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