Skin Pigmentation: How to Cure It

Skin Pigmentation: How to Cure It

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Skin Pigmentation How to Cure It

Having a nice and beautiful skin is a plus, but the confidence will slightly trim it down because of dark spots, age spots and odd discoloration of skin. Do you experience big dark spots on your skin? Pigmentation is now bothering you. When UV rays pass through the skin it provokes your pigment cells called Melanocytes to produce Melanin. Melanin is in charge of our skin color and skin pigmentation. Dark spots appears when melanin focuses in one place of your skin due to too much UV rays from the sun.

There are possible treatments to get rid the skin pigmentation. It is considered as part of skin whitening treatment in Singapore, to achieve a healthy white skin you must first fix the odd discoloration of your skin. Here are the potential treatments for skin pigmentation:

Revlite and Discovery Pico is a type of laser treatment good for 3-6 treatments. It generates a distance type of light to be penetrated by the affected spots and breaks the melanin into small pieces and whitens the affected area. The treatment outputĀ  is the skin pigmentation will turn into gray or white until the spot will disappear and brighten. There is a guarantee that the skin pigmentation will not come back provided you apply sunblock with high SPF to protect your skin. It is offered as part of skin whitening treatment in Singapore.

skin whitening treatment in Singapore

Cosmelan Peel is a face treatment set wherein it forbids tyrosinase, it decreases the skin pigmentation brought by inflation of melanin by slowly concealing the color of the affected area. Those chemical peels with salicylic and glycolic acid are recommended in improving your skin. They are usually used to loosen dead skin cells and renewing it to healthy and fair skin. While taking this treatment you need to assure your skin is well-protected by UV rays, you can use sunblocks or hats when going out.


Having a fair and healthy skin boost your confidence. It is the largest organ of our body, you need to take a good care in it. A proper care to your skin is necessarily needed. When going outside you need to put a sunblock with high SPF to protect your skin from damaging UV rays to avoid skin discoloration and skin diseases. You must perform an appropriate discipline in taking good care of your skin to avoid unnecessary skin pigmentation.

Nowadays, people depend on fastest method to cure skin pigmentation. Some use to natural method of removing it. Before taking a treatment you need to assure that it is good for your body meaning no other organ will be affected. There are accredited dermatologist or doctors who can give you the proper treatment to your skin problem. All procedures must be completely observed in a medical skin clinic.

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