Soda Blasting – A Quick Overview

Soda Blasting – A Quick Overview

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Soda blasting is one of the latest technologies that help to strip paint and clean the surfaces. The soda blaster is a device that uses compressed air to release sodium bicarbonate based soda, commonly known as baking soda on the surface that you like to clean.

To many of you, it will seem similar to sandblasting. However, you will find all the similarities soon fade as soon as you start to clean the surface. Sand that is nothing but a hard and coarse material is able to wreak havoc on the substrate. It will be able to pit glass because wear and tear of rubber and the plastic and even few etch metal.

Soda blasting will bring none such circumstances. You will find that in a soda blaster, properly formulated blasting media is made from Sodium Bicarbonate that often manufactured in a consistent and crystal size. When it strikes against the surface you want to soda blast, you will find that the crystals blasts outward and the explosion forces the strip to target grease, paint, rust, mold, dirt and whatever that you like to remove.

Soda Blasting – The Unique Technique

This unique solution helps to restore and refurbish any type of surface that has paints. It is able to act on a wide range of project from large to small industrial scale. Even for private or individual use, you will find the same level of professionalism and integrity.

With the use of various eco-friendly and recycled media such as soda and glass, clean wood, stone, and metals bringing them back to life and restore the lost detail. The process is very gentle and does not damage the original surface making it ready for repainting and you can use it to treat fire and any kind of damage done by the flood. Whatever you need to recondition, whether large or small and has the capability to make it happen.

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You will find the recondition, whether large or small has the capability to give it a new look. Blasting in general uses gentle and eco-friendly methods to clean and rejuvenate any type of surface and you will find a wide range of other blasting media. You will find that it has no heavy metals and is biodegradable, thus causing no harm to the environment.

You will find that soda blasting has a number of capabilities. Soda blasters can work in diverse situations such as industrial hot zones or restoring architectural wood and metal features. Even it works great on antique and vintage cars.

The method one uses is quite aggressive enough and helps to remove layers of paint and rust off the old metal works and gentle enough to clean vintage woods and scrapes the paint adjusting the strength of the airflow using various blast media depending on the job.

People who can employ soda blasting technique are –


Commercial LPG Site Owners

Boat Owners

Car Owners


Insurances Brokers or Companies


Property or Real Estate Developers


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