Stylish cooking with modernized pressure cookers

Stylish cooking with modernized pressure cookers

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Nowadays, pressure cooking is a safe and convenient way of preparing food for a family. Be it is time saving or preserving the flavor or nutrition, nothing can beat today’s smart pressure cookers. Forget about the horror stories about pressure cooking during your grandma’s kitchen, as the modern range of cookers perform extremely safe and reliable. Making healthy and tasty provisions takes less than an hour or so if you have this kitchen help amid you. The ferry has a lid or cover in place to create a closed system at the standard pressure 15 pounds. This pressure causes the water to boil at 257 degrees F instead of its usual temperature 212 degrees F. This increase in temperature causes the food to cook faster – approx three times faster than open top cooking method. Small potatoes cook in around 15 minutes, and all other vegetables to cook faster while retaining their color and flavor. Nutrients too, keep trapped inside instead of losing out with steam as experienced in open top cooking. Pressure cooker manufacturers offer these kitchen aids in different capacities to meet variegated family requirements. There are pans in three liter capacities, five, seven and even more. Families can make a choice depending on the number of members in their home. One thing to remember here is that the actual cooking capacity of a pressure cooker is less than its liquid capacity. This is because there has to be some space for the formation of steam.


Modern features in the pressure cookers:

Options are available in the form of stainless steel and aluminium cookers. Aluminium being a good conductor of heat is considered a good option, but stainless steel is chosen for its durability. Manufacturers now offer stainless pressure cookers with their base made of ceramic to allow even cooking on gas, ceramic and electric orientation heater tops. Stainless harden weight cookers are also preferred by chefs for being non-reactive in nature. Also, they are easy to clean in a dishwasher saving time and efforts. Modern utensils are armed with safety features to regulate the pressure formation and keep the cover locked safely while cooking food. They are now featured with heat resistant double handles to ensure safe handling of the food and the pot. Pressure cooker manufacturers in India also offer warranty on their product so that you rest assured of safe cooking. When it comes to making a selection, go for quality and safety features instead of looking for the cheapest models. Do some research and you would definitely get a good option under your budget. Pressure cooker actually accumulates a group of your costly time. You don’t require to expend a lot of time in the kitchen. Instead, you can enjoy with your family and friends. However, it not only saves time but also saves a lot of energy. Less gas or electricity is used up while cooking in a stainless steel pressure cooker. It is interesting to note that it saves up to seventy per cent of time and energy.

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