The 10 Best Little Cigars

The 10 Best Little Cigars

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A cigar is tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco. Cigars are made up of three parts.  There is the wrapper, the filler and the binder. You get the cigar parts from the cigar plant.  The wrapper is the outer husk of the cigar. It wraps around the cigar and binds the whole cigar. The filler is what is inside the cigar and is small wrapped bunches of leaves. The binder is the leaves that wrap the filler.  They are known by their shape and size cigars. Hence little cigars are known as little cigars because they are very much like cigarettes. Cigars nowadays have filters to handle the issue of cancer coming from the smoking of tobacco products.


There are different ways to make a cigar. There are machine made cigars. Others are machine gathered and are wrapped by humans.



Three things go into a cigar.  First what strength do you want your cigar to be: mild to large or full strength?  You do not want to have your taste buds overwhelmed. The size is also important. The size is the length and diameter. The last is the rating which ranges from 0-100.  According to ASK MEN the ratings are:

  • Below 79              Don’t waste money
  • 70-79                     Average to good
  • 80-89                     Good to Excellent
  • 90-94                     Outstanding
  • 95-100                   Classic


  1. Cheyenne Cigars Classic Carton:  These are filtered. They are light and use 100% domestic tobacco. The little cigars come in a variety flavors.
  2. Djarum Little Cigars: Made of a mix of tobacco and clove spices it comes in a variety of blends and flavors.  Made in Indonesia they sell well in USA.
  3. Quesada Petits: A handmade cigarillo with long filler and it comes in 10 pack boxes.
  4. Ortega Mini Habano: It has three varieties which are Natural, Habano and Mudro. These little cigars are in top 4 packs.  The flavors or tastes you will see are cedar, leather and pepper spice.
  5. Partages Black Label Prontos: Kept in a tin lined with tissue paper and holds the cigars in the paper.  They taste like espresso coffee, chocolate.
  6. Nat Sherman Selection Point Five Maduro: Known their handmade product, cigars that pack a ton of flavors.
  7. Muwait Bait Fish AKA My Uzi Weighs a Ton this short and spicy little cigar is one of the full strength cigars.
  8. Tatuaje Petite Reserva: Another handmade cigar that comes in a Broadleaf wrapper.
  9. Tatauaje Petite Cazadores Reserva: Broadleaf wrapper and traditional Brown Label rich flavor
  10. The Rake: It is a broadleaf wrapper that is a Maduro cigar.  It is the 2-15 cigar of the year.

Cigars make up a portion of the smoking population. And there is a lot of information about it.   Specifically there are a plethora of sites for persons who are new to the cigar era meaning that they have a website or somewhere to go to read more. Also I have found a magazine that has a lot of information as well and checked out their website. The magazine is Cigar Aficionado and has a whole section for Newbies.  There is a section for the fake cigars and what their names are in the magazine. Also they have an award for the best cigar of the past year.  My favorite section right now is the News and Features which gives you updates about cigars.  They have a Blogs section as well.  So you should go and check out that magazine and purchase it for the cigar lover in your life.

To recap cigars come from the cigar plant and make up the outer part of the cigar itself. The remaining ingredient is the tobacco that is inside.   The key to selecting a good cigar is to know your cigars and the rating system used for them. The remaining is how your taste buds feel after you smoke them.  Check out in the magazine the top 25 cigars. It is a pretty good read.

Also check out Gotham Machine Made Cigars an online website that sells cigars at discount prices.    Some of those listed are available online at that website.

Gotham Machine Made Cigars has little cigars available online for you to purchase.

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