The compactus Storage Systems Australia is Falling in Love With

The compactus Storage Systems Australia is Falling in Love With

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While the country looks to smaller living spaces to stay in control during rent fluctuations, more and more Australians are looking toward contemporary and chic compactus storage system options.

The current drive to move into smaller square footage isn’t just relegated to Australia. People all over the world are finding rent prices climbing and in order to remain in the cities they love, as well as get to experience the lifestyles they want, people are turning to smaller living. For most people, the only problem this presents is the issue of what to do with all of the stuff they need to keep a hold of, but have no room for. This is where Australians seem to have the upper hand, as more and more of them are turning to compactus storage systems.

In saving space, you also save money. With the highest end living arrangements in in Melbourne costing nearly $10,809 per square meter, it’s no wonder that the Australian populous is opted to go smaller. Not only that, but cities and urban areas are experiences booms in population growth, and all of us want to do our part to help keep our environment safe. Living smaller just makes more sense. But what do we do with all of our stuff?

What is a Compactus Storage System?

Compactus storage systems have been one of the best kept secrets of just about anyone who has stored large volumes of material in the last 80 years. Compactus storage systems were historically a novel approach to storing large amounts of documents and files, prior to the age of computers and paperless storage systems. Since then, compactus storage systems have been steadily introduced as mainstream storage solutions for museums, libraries, and big business. Modifying the original structure to include smart spaces for important inventory, instead of important papers.

Compactus storage systems are getting another boost by contemporary convention as the systems are being creatively engineered for a multitude of different purposes. As we strive to consume less and live simpler, compactus storage systems and intelligent design are the way forward.

Contemporary Compactus Storage Systems

Compactus storage systems have come a long way from their roots as large, clunky, conspicuous, and sometimes even hazardous metal titan that they once were. With the additions of electronic locking mechanisms, clever fold away storage, and sleek design, compactus storage systems have glided themselves into both offices, storage units, corporations, and homes alike.

Finding clever and ingenuitive ways to safely store precious goods all the while saving up to 50% of available floor space has become a mainstay of how Australians are taking a page from the past and digitizing it.

The compactus Storage Systems Australia is Falling in Love With


Compactus storage systems work by taking large, bookcase like storage units and imbedding them in hidden tracks along the floor. The units then concertina outward, allowing access only to whatever specific partition is needed, while each f the others stay demurely closed. This allows user to not only save a huge amount of floor space, but also provides privacy and security to any other materials while they’re not in use.

Units can come with automated movement, thanks to small motors that are hidden from view within the units themselves. Automated units allow for any partition not in use to be locked, or have access restricted to particular partitions. These units also keep the compactus storage system user friendly for the disabled population, elderly, and children.

Almost all contemporary compactus storage systems come with safety systems that keep the units from becoming the hazards that they once were. Automated locks, fail safes, and motor assists make the incident of injury negligible.


Not all compactus storage systems are digitized or motorized. In fact, compactus storage systems can come to fit almost any need that is required of them. From temporary base and mobile units that are ideal for organizing and saving space in tiny workshops or garages, they are incredibly cheap and simple to install, but durable enough to stand up to any demand you make of them. Tailor made partitions that actually extend into different types of living quarters, housing electricity and water delivery systems, can be specially ordered from some providers. Even if you’re not in the market for an origami house, a storage specialist will be happy to help choose and design the perfect compactus storage system to suit your needs specifically.

Perhaps what has kept compactus storage systems in the eyes of the consumer is indeed their flexibility in design and affordability. Allowing a consumer to condense their ephemera, inventory, electronic devices, art, gear, tools, whatever it is that we could all use a bit more storage space for, is what keeps the compactus storage systems in high demand. Especially down under.

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