The Criticism of Palestinian and Israel Turned into Fire at Joseph’s Tomb Site

The Criticism of Palestinian and Israel Turned into Fire at Joseph’s Tomb Site

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A crowd of Palestinians set fire during the whole night to a compound accommodation Joseph’s Tomb, which is a religious place in the West Bank. This site is honoured by Jews. They sparked criticisms from Israeli and Palestinian authorities. At that time, there was no harm to the tomb, which had taken place. However, the fire gave another turn to the criticism among both authorities, which was the cause of the renewed violence. These conflicts include the assaults of clashes between Israeli and Palestinian forces and Israeli citizens.

Jews take the site into consideration in Nablus, which is the last resting location of Joseph. Joseph is a son of Jacob and high Israelite patriarch. As per the biblical records, he was sold into bondage as boy, but afterwards intensified to turn into a powerful name in the history of ancient Egypt. He was only next to the pharaoh.


The devotees of Jews visit the tomb at times, by just getting escorted by the Israel Defence forces at night, when they want to pray. The tomb of Joseph is also considered one of the holy places for worship by Christians. It has been aimed before, which includes in the year of 2011, when vandals decorated swastikas on the walls for different purposes.

Based on the records of a Palestinian official, people in the Jews went to the Joseph’s Tomb early Friday so that they could erect a blockade to frustrate crowds of Israel country as they have demolished their homes, which is considered as a key base of disagreement in the Mideast. There were different arguments that were not agreed by people. The official records of Israel said that breaking down the accommodation places of terrorists can discourage the type of attacks, which they will have planned to make in the future, while Palestinians observe the technique. This technique is based on the unfair judgement and it will be converted into punishment that will be going to hurt children and women, which are innocent and not come under the category of terrorists.

Officials said that a cluster made efforts to set fire to this one of the popular religious place in Jews at some point, who did not wish to be baptized. It is also true that the security forces of the Palestinian tried to push out the crowd as well as they succeeded to extinguish the fire with their collective efforts

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