The Different Types of Car Cover Fabrics

The Different Types of Car Cover Fabrics

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Car covers are broadly classified into outdoor and indoor car covers. However, choosing a fabric for either of the two is a tough job. If you are looking to but an outdoor car cover, here are the different kinds of fabrics you should look out for.

Weather Shield

Weather ShieldWeather Shield fabric covers are extremely lightweight, and are meant for people who drive high-performance outdoor sports cars. The fabric comes with a patented encapsulation process, which makes it deliver maximum car paint protection without the burden of any bulk, making it easy to use and store. This type of fabric comes with the following added advantages:

  • Weather proof: the fabric has the ability to shed water as soon as it makes contact with the cover, keeping your car dry at all times.
  • Has a superior dry time: because the cover has the ability to shed moisture, if you just shake out the cover after it’s been in the rain, it will dry up with an extremely fast speed.
  • Breathable:a breathable car cover will allow your car to have ample ventilation, and will see to it that there is no condensation to make heat get trapped between your car and its cover.
  • UV-Resistant: special additives in this particular fabric help your car fight off the harmful UV rays of the run, keeping your car safe and sound at all times.
  • Absolutely Dust proof:when dust settles on the paint, it tends to become abrasive and causes unnecessary scratches on your car’s body. The WeatherShield fabric makescar coversthat protect your car from getting dust settlings and scratches.
  • Totally Scratch-less: polymers provide a silky smooth finish to car covers made from this fabric, which ensures that your car remains scratch-less throughout its life.
  • Extremely Durable:the encapsulation process used in this fabric makes it unaffected by heat or cold, and hence, proves to be quite durable in nature.
  • Easy to care for: they can be easily cleaned in the home washer and dryer.
  • Aids small and light packing: due to its lightweight nature, it takes up way lesser space than normal car cover fabrics, and hence, is easy to pack and use.


A part of the CoverCraft’s line of car covers, the Noah is a water resistant cover that may not absorb any moisture, but definitely allows the cover to breathe, making it extremely useful. Its unique construction allows for a maximum all-weather protection to your car, something that is extremely essential in any good quality car covers. The Noah has the following properties that make it a viable option for your purchase of an outdoor cover for your car:

  • Protective outer layers: the inner core of the Noah fabric has polypropylene for strength and polyethylene for softness. It is also treated with UVR inhibitors, making it safe for outdoor usage.
  • Micro-porous middle layer: the middle layer of the Noah fabric is highly breathable, which allow moisture to ender the fabric through extremely tiny pores. However, they have the ability to resist dust or micro-droplets of water, keeping your car safe and sound in the process.
  • Soft, paint protecting inner layer: this fabric is made of polyethylene and nylon, which makes it extremely soft and acts as a shield for water-based paint finishes of your car.

Other fabrics that you would like to consider for your car cover are the WeatherShield HD and the Sunbrella. However, it is highly advisable to choose a cover between the Noah and the WeatherShield, because of their superior quality and unchallenged reputation in the car cover market.

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