Tips For Bursitis Treatment

Tips For Bursitis Treatment

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If you are suffering from bursitis, then it is important that you know about it and its treatment. Bursa is a sac filled with fluid and located in between tendon and heel bone.  The fluid is slippery and acts like a lubricant that reduces friction between the tendon and bone.

Symptoms of bursitis

  • The sufferer is going to  feel pain in the heel especially when running, walking  and area when touched
  • Pain can get worse if you stand on  toes
  • Warm , red skin on the back of the heel

 In some cases bursa can become inflamed due to huge stress ion body weight, excessive stress on heels and pressure for the other toe. If you are having inflamed heel then it is going cause huge discomfort and also creates huge pain when you walk.  This condition is called heel bursitis and it can affect children and adults.  The good news is that you can get rid of it with these few tips.


Treatment to heel bursitis

Rest is important

 If you are suffering from mild case of it, then you are going to get many benefits from resting your heel totally.  It is important that you avoid tension on tendons as much as you can.  This can also ease swelling and pain at the site.  It is also important that you avoid sports activities until the swelling is gone properly.

Cold compressor

If you are having constant pain, then you must use cold compressor. as it is going to bring down inflammation and pain. The cold treatment also restricts blood circulation which reduces and heals swelling.  It is also going to numb the area and you are also going to get temporary relief from this treatment.


 No doubt there are many medications and medical treatments available and you might also be consuming some medications.  Medications are suggested only in severe conditions. injection cortisone is given to the people with suffering from bursitis severely.

Changing footwear

Ill-fitting footwear is just going to make your condition worst. You must switch to comfortable shoes.   for example you can use open backed footwear because it might help in reducing stress on the heels.  If you use sports shoes, then regularly change them. also make sure that your heel is having sufficient cushion to rest on while wearing shoes and walking. Regular use of sports shoes can wear and tear g the cushions, which cause pain in heels. New shoes are going to have better cushioning.


There are specially designed cushioned devised available in the market, which can easily fit in the shoes and provides buffer between shoes and heel. Usually these devices accustom made to accommodate the needs of the users.

 These are the few tips for bursitis treatment, which are very easy to include in your life to get relief from this awful condition. These tips are really going to aid you with pain relief.  These tips might not help you with severe bursitis  so  it is important to approach an doctor.

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