Tips for obtaining the best workflow automation

Tips for obtaining the best workflow automation

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Minimize the manual access points of your business to increase productivity and profits and maximize the ROI. Such a strategy requires a little bit of knowledge talking about business – automation workflows. Beyond the obvious advantage of saving lots of time, the low costs it implies and the risk-reduction factor, workflow automation will help speed up production processes and provide customers with a system of transparent, controlled processes.

An important criterion in today’s environment is to work extremely efficient and at a high speed. Once you have introduced automated processes to your business, customers will find it easier to interact with you, remembering that the communication process will be highly improved. Your data will also be safer than ever. The consequence of using a workflow automation platform is that you can develop visibly competitiveness which will generate long-term dividend payments.

How can customers benefit from automating workflows?

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Acceleration of producing processes
  • Transparent processes
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Reduced cost consumption
  • Minimizing manual tasks
  • Maximizing the use of investments effectiveness


  • bpm’online

One of the first vendors that offer workflow management solutions is bpm’online. This company provides users with a friendly software interface and a variety of tools that can be used in order to make everything easier both for you and your employees. What kind of features its program can help you with? Well, starting with the beginning, you will need to monitor all the existent processes and analyse the data implied. Doing this without the help of automation can be quite difficult, given that the human memory simply doesn’t allow you to keep track of each and every process execution data (including the duration of completion, the time it is completed, maximum and minimum values and so on). Of course, like any other program for workflow automation, bpm’online offers full visibility on dashboards.

Another feature that should be pointed out is the DCM process. The Dynamic Case Management process helps users with managing all the uncategorized processes that happen inside of your workflow. This will give you the opportunity to be more flexible with the way your processes are being handled, without encountering any kind of inconvenience. Included in the software, the Case Designer option which can be used by simply dragging and dropping tools around can help any business owner manage the stage that their processes are in at a given moment. How convenient is that?


Claritysoft makes itself known by the qualities it promises: power, flexibility, intuitivism, and amazing service. No matter what is the reason you are thinking about implementing a workflow automation solution, this program will surely make you fall in love with it at the first sight. Regarding its features, Claritysoft offers management in the following sectors: accounts, contacts, activities, calendars, leads, sales, pipeline, emails, prices, mobile apps, offline customer relationship management and even platform integration. All these are gathered in one single powerful program that could save you all the trouble of managing a business. For instance, the process management sector that you are interested in is capable of taking care of your entire team’s activity. From centralizing all the tasks to work much more efficiently, Claritysoft is capable of all. You can schedule meetings, import activities and categorizing them following certain criteria or even synchronize calendars from other platforms like Outlook.


Nimble has an amazing feature for organizing your agenda and activities. Managing workflows is much easier as long as all the tasks and events you need to complete or attend are in the same place. Unitary gathering all the data you need is the secret towards gaining more profitability and stopping the waste of time that you previously encountered due to complicated processes that had to be taken care of manually. Also, like most of the programs that are supposed to do what Nimble does, you will be able to delegate specific agents of your team to do certain actions. Also, you will be able to follow up the customer info and take better decisions based on it.


Final thoughts

Automation is particularly useful among small and medium business owners as well as multinational companies from very diverse areas such as tourism, e-commerce, health, fashion etc. It all starts from the manner you are building your database. The more you collect information about your customers, the more personalized your database should be. You can also segment databases and deliver representative content to your customer groups based on their purchasing behaviour, interests, age, location etc.  Automation remains one of the most effective business tools. Considering all of the benefits mentioned above and all the companies that offer such programs, you should consider automating the processes your business has. Everything will become much more efficient and rapid than it used to be and you will gain a lot from it.

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