Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Customer Support Services

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Customer Support Services

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Large companies have to stay focused on core competencies in order to excel in the business. Hence more often than not these companies outsource customer support service to specialized service providers.

The alternative is to take care of multiple customer communication channels in-house which can be quite challenging. Many benefits can be realized through an effective outsourcing engagement. Here are the main reasons to outsource customer service.


  1. Reduced cost: Planning to set up customer support service in-house it can be quite expensive as major investments in space, equipment, facilities, staffing and operations would be required. Whereas in case of customer service BPO the costs are spread across many clients, who benefit by paying for the work that is being done on per hour or transaction basis.
  2. Specialized industry knowledge: Almost in all the cases call centers have specialized understanding of services for specific industries. The managers and executives who work for customer service BPO have valuable insights and proven strategies that can come from years of experience. This may not be true in case of in-house agents because they may be limited to providing customer care for one type of service or product.
  3. Dedicated “call managers”: Employees at outsourced call centers are trained to handle different variety of client processes and they can quickly adapt to different situations and present themselves as expert “call managers”. On the other hand in-house agents are typically trained to handle specific service or product.
  4. Service 24/7, Seven days a week: Most of the customers love to contact customer service representative at any time of the day via phone, email, web chat session and so on. However, in case of in-house option, for most of the organization the round the clock availability isn’t a realistic option as most of the organization operates 5 or 6 days a week. But in case of Customer Service Outsourcing, the employees can deliver service round the clock on all days as it is based on the concept of rotational shift and all such service can be obtained at much lower cost compared to in-house.
  5. Access to latest technology: Customer service outsourcing is also beneficial as the outsourcers will research and invest in some of the best technologies available for multichannel customer contact. These may be software tools that offer features such as VoIP, web chat, email, cloud-based platforms, SMS text and social media monitoring. However, if planning to introduce all of it in-house than the cost will be really high. Moreover it also does not provide the benefit of spreading out the cost to multiple clients which is done in case of a BPO.

So, enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of your organization by outsourcing to a reputed call center!

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