Travel with Your Dog the Safest Way

If you have a pet dog, there is no doubt you consider it as a part of your family. So where ever you go, it will there all the time. Traveling is not an exception. Riding with your whole family is so much of fun. But what about the safety? You will never ride without wearing the seat belt or will allow anybody to do so. You make sure your kids are safe and comfortable by strapping them with seat belts. Then why just ignore the poor pet? The chance of them getting injured whenever you sudden break or some other unexpected breaks are very high. So it is your responsibility to stop such unfortunate things happen to your favorite pet. A dog car seat is the solution for your problem. Make your dog safe and comfortable at the same time by installing a dog car seat in your car and make the ride with them the best memories ever.

small dog harness

When you have made up your mind to buy one car seat for dog, the next troubling factor you will face will be what kind to buy, where to buy and will it be affordable or not. It is a just normal to have such questions as there will be variety of stores that provide such seats, but most may be very expensive than you expect. Berties boutique will be an excellent option for you to get car seat dog cradle exactly like what you wanted started just in twenty six euros.  It comes with super features with internal safety strap to keep your dog secured all the way long with supporting bars around to make sure it can sit or stand whenever they wanted to and feel comfortable. They provide sizes according to what you want and is delivered very fast. And if you are thinking about the delivery charges, it is completely fee. Just order it and enjoy free shipping in first class delivery within three days. Lot of payment options are also available for your convenience. And don’t worry in case you find it is not suitable for your dog or if you don’t like it, you can send it back and get your refund.

It is very useful and attractive at the same time. It can be removed easily and cleaned if desired. When not in use, just take it out, fold flat and store wherever you want. When buying be sure that the size is suitable for your dog so that it easily fits into it and can feel relaxed and comfortable. As it comes with good material there is no need to worry about how the seat will support them. Dogs up to eight kilo can use this seat very easily and properly. If you are among people who give importance to looks along with safety, the dog car seat or dog car cradle provided by berties boutique will never disappoint you with its simple and yet classy look that would surely go with your car’s interior very well. Get your one right now.

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