Types of business loans in the market

Types of business loans in the market

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Business loans are of two types. First one is the secured business loans and the second one is the unsecured business loans.

The secured business loans are three year loans provided on terms to proprietors, businesses running on the partnership, companies limited as private depending on the account balance sheet provided to the source. While for the unsecured business loans, the capital is provided on the basis of some other sources of security rather than the ones followed in the trend by the financial institutions.

This type of loan is taken by someone who is planning to start a new venture or is expanding their business. There are various financial institutions and financial services that provide this type of loan to the users. It is important for the financial institution to know whether you require a loan for starting your business or you are making expansion in your existing business.


There are distributors which provide the users in getting unsecured loans without keeping any collateral with the institution and having least paper work and getting the approval to the soonest. The criterion for eligibility of loan differs from institution to institution. The most commonly considered factors for approval of such loans are age, current business experience, total business experience are some of the key factors considered for the approval of a loan. Age between twenty four years to sixty five years is ideal for the financial institutions to approve the loan. In the current business that is going on, the bank will check the balance sheet of the last three years and look to the growth that has been there in the business and does it have any scope of growth in the future. The bank prefers giving loans to people who have been in sustainable businesses in the last five years.

Financial services offer unsecured loans to boost the working capital of your business. If you are eligible to get the loan and submit all the required documents to the financial institution than you can get the loan for your business and you do not require to risk any asset of yours and have the fear of repaying the loan.

It is necessary to follow some of the required materials for a person before taking a loan. Calculate the approximate of the working capital your business will require. You should also compare the loans provided by various institutions and banks and which one is best suitable for you.

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