Understanding Why MOT Test Is So Important

Understanding Why MOT Test Is So Important

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Vehicle owners can relate to the fact that buying a car is the end of troubles on one hand and the beginning of years of maintenance on the other. The British Government requires car owners to follow safety instructions and keep their vehicles in good shape so that they keep themselves safe and ensure the same for others on the road. There are certain tests and procedures that ascertain that a car is functioning properly and is fit to be driven on public roads. The MOT (Ministry of Transport) Test is here for that purpose.

Why is it Important?

A car becomes must go through the tests conducted by a MOT Service once it is three years old, and every year after that. This test is important to protect lives as it carries out the following inspections that could result in hazardous consequences if left unrepaired. During the whole procedure, the car is put through various tests that inspect the different important components in it.

MOT Station

  • Fuel System– The fuel system of the car is checked to make sure that it does not burn more fuel than it should. It also checks for any leakage or blockage in the system that could cause the car to malfunction in the future.
  • Lights– The headlights and rear lights are very important parts of the car, especially at night. If there are faults in the lighting system of the car it could result in fatal accidents due to lack of proper view.
  • Brakes– All the brakes of the car go through checks to make sure that they are functioning properly. Brakes have to be in top condition all the time and carelessness on this front would result in life-threatening consequences.
  • Emission Levels– The car’s emission levels are also checked. Controlling pollution levels is important and government regulations require vehicles to pass through emission level tests that ensure that they do not emit more pollution than specified.

Other safety features of the car, such as the seats, the seat belts, air bags, horns, and the steering also get checked in the MOT Service Test.

Failing the Test and Re-Test

If your vehicle does not pass the test, there is no reason to panic. All you have to do is take the car for repairs and restore all damages. Take the car back within the specified time period that the MOT Station allows, usually two weeks, and get the MOT certificate. Make sure that the test centre that checks your car is professional and has the right people as well as the equipment for the job. There are stations that test your car as well as provide servicing in case it fails the inspection. Go for such MOT stations that employ qualified mechanics.

Keep your four-wheeler in good shape by taking it for monthly servicing. Irresponsibility in doing so can cost you more than just money. Even before you buy a car, you must search out the nearest service centres that provide good quality services at affordable prices. Regular check-ups will ensure that your drive is always safe.

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