Understanding Your Contract When Hiring a Company for Basement Renovations

Understanding Your Contract When Hiring a Company for Basement Renovations

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Understanding Your Contract When Hiring a Company for Basement Renovations

Before you decide to hire a contract for home or basement renovations, you should always inquire about what services you are going to get. It is important to ensure that you get everything in writing and check your contract carefully before signing the dotted line. Here is what you need to know about your contract:

  • Before you even get the contract, you will first receive an estimate. An estimate basically provides you with some information regarding your project. However, you may also receive a proposal at this stage, which is usually a tentative agreement for your basement renovation project. It usually provides you with options you can choose from while having your basement renovated. It may offer details about different brands of products required for basement renovations. Sometimes, you also find different provisions in your proposal – it may include financing options as well.
  • You will get different contracts depending on how experienced and reputable the contractor is. Reputable companies usually have longer, more detailed contracts. Some of these contracts may also include information about estimated duration of the project and the cost of your project.

contract for home or basement renovations

  • Check the cost carefully and ensure that they have mentioned everything clearly. In fact, it is also important to ensure that they have included permit costs in the contract as well. Here, it is a good idea to ask a contractor if they are familiar with your local codes and ordinances. If they have not mentioned anything about permit cost in the contract, it may be because they do not know anything about building regulations. Ask the clearly and if they do not offer clear information, you may want to turn to a different contractor.
  • A contract can include so many items, but it is important to take your time to study it well. Do not make a hasty decision here, no matter how lengthy the contract is. Even if it is a lengthy contract, failing to read and understand it in its entirety can lead to all sorts of problems. Contract disagreement can lead to misunderstandings and keep you from taking full advantage of the service offered by an experienced contractor.
  • Pay attention to start and stop dates as well. A contract or proposal should talk clearly about the duration of your project. Keep in mind that sometimes it is not possible to determine an exact start and stop date, but you should still get some details regarding scheduling. Even when a contractor is reluctant to offer an exact start and stop date, you should insist on including a “no-later-than” clause in your contract. This ensures that you will certainly have your project finish by a set date.

The fact of the matter is that different contractors may offer a different contract depending on your unique needs and requirements for basement renovations, but you need to compare what you get from different contractors and then decide depending on your budget and the track record of the contractor you are going to select.

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