Unleashing Your Creative Passion With Skillshare

Unleashing Your Creative Passion With Skillshare

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Being creative means unleashing that creativity and materializing it in various forms. The most common way that creativity had been showcased is thru art because creativity is unique, its something that a person that has a passion for creating things can do and he/she can only do it. This is the reason why people are still not replaced by robots in the creative skills department and that is the reason why artists are widely appreciated because of their work.

Everyone has the potential to be creative no matter what age group you are in, some people say that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but the thing here is that humans are not dogs and even the seasoned ones still have the capacity to learn new things. In case you didn’t know, there is an excel artist (yeah you heard it right an excel artist) that taught himself how to make beautiful works of art thru Microsoft Excel and the results are stunning, and the best part of the story is that he only tried learning it when he retired from his corporate job.

Why people lost their creativity: As stated above, every person has the potential to become creative and everyone has the opportunity to explore those sides, but the problem is that most people never get to for the reason of responsibilities. You might have been a very good artist way back elementary and Highschool but when you went to college and got preoccupied with your future task until you graduated and worked, you never pursued it even if you want to, because of jobs matter, student loans matter and so on.

Make some time: If you have a few hours to spare each day and you just spend it in a bar drinking alone, why not learn a new skill rather than spending your money on drinks every night? If you got a problem, art can be a good therapy that you can explore in. How does one or a few hours a day help you on becoming creative? Well… there’s one word for you “Skillshare” that’s right it’s only one word.

What is Skillshare: Skillshare is this online class/training website that has a ton of skill training from A to Z that can help you become creative. This site does not demand you to go to school, it helps take the school to you and learn on your own preferred place and terms. The best part is that their classes training are very cheap, way-way cheaper than what is being offered by universities.

All people have the potential of being creative, the problem is that most people never got to explore that creative side for many reasons like other priorities and jobs. If you got a few hours to spare each day, why not be productive and learn a new skill. Instead of going to bars, why not spend it in a more meaningful way like attending skills classes in Skillshare. Unleash your creative side, regardless of what age you are in, it’s never too late to learn.

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