Up Your Summer Style with a Body Chain

Up Your Summer Style with a Body Chain

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Summer is finally here and it is time to flaunt that beach body that you work so hard on. While you cool down in your oh so hot bikini here is one accessory that you should not miss on – Body Chains. Just a mere addition of this gold body chain with your attire will instantly increase your hotness quotient. The body chains are the new sexy fashion jewelry that is more like a necklace but it is an ornament for your entire torso accentuating your curves. They are adventurous and really sexy. They embellish your entire body adding just the right amount of glamorous twist that sets you apart.

Here are few reasons why a body chain is perfect for you.

  • Simple or bold, no matter what your style is, you will find your kind of body chains. They are available in various designs from a simple minimalistic chain detailing that falls over your upper body to something really eye catching. It just adds to your personal style. You can choose a heavily embellished body chain and wear it as your center piece or you can choose a simpler style and pair it with your bikini to accentuate your stunning body.
  • When you hear body chains it usually invokes the image of a sexy diva pairing it with swim wear or bikini. However, it works really great as a classy look too, that would be perfect for a date night. You can pair it with summer dress… It looks great both over and under summer dresses. A body chain paired with a black fitting top or little black dress immediately gets you into a party look. You can even pick a body chain, wear it backward and pair it with a cute backless or off shoulder top. Really a world of choices are open ahead of you with just one accessory!
  • A typical body chain starts from your neck, drapes across your torso and ends at around your hips. However, there are plenty of designs available that cater to all your moods and styles. Designs include body chains choker necklace, to tassel details, to chains including pendants. There are also multilayered designs to add oomph to any simple attire. Further still, there are many designs that are embellished around the waist – drawing attention to and accentuating your hips.

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  • A body chain simply transforms your outfit. So you can pair it with a bikini from last year and yet flaunt an absolutely new style. The same is true for a dress because depending on which body chain you choose to wear, you will be rocking a new look with the same outfit!
  • A simple gold body chain is as versatile as any accessory can get! It looks really great on your tanned skin. Some suggest that a gold chain looks great on darker skin tone but honestly, it adds a beautiful sparkle to your skin, no matter what skin tone you have. It is perfect for daytime under abundant sunlight while at night it looks absolutely gorgeous with darker shades of clothing! A silver body chain, on the other hand, adds a classic touch to your look. It adds enough shine to the outfit making it perfect for a date night or a formal event. You can also choose a piece with design that will give a punk look.

A body chain is one of the most adventurous jewelry that you can lay your hands on. Pick up a delicate or a bold design, wear it under a crop top or over your summer dress, wear it across the side or even backward, choose a rose gold one or a classy silver one… Do whatever experiment your heart desires but do not miss out on all the fun and sexiness that body chains are!


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