User friendliness surpasses fine quality differences in acoustics!

User friendliness surpasses fine quality differences in acoustics!

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The cinematic experience has changed the world over by leaps and boundsin the recent times. This has been the result of continuous research in the field of acoustics by the big players in the market which have kept an eye on the changing trends of watching cinema.

The concept of cinema has changed drastically over the few years. People are going to the movie theatres to a lesser extent; they are happier to have it all at home. The home theatre systems have thus evolved by miles. But the same principles that made the experience memorable at the movie halls had to be tuned in order to suit the need of a home theatre, as the technology as it was could not suffice. This has resulted in the superior quality speakers and sound systems that we have of today.

How home theatre systems differ in acoustics from movie halls

As compared to the movie halls, the home theatre system had to work within a limited perimeter. Thus, it had to reduce on the loudness and at the same time keep the quality of sound proper. If one looks at the sound in its wave form, s/he may find a close interdependence of all the parameters involved.Changing or modifying one might just not leave another of the parameters unaffected, and at times, it can really be tricky to even single out the parameter that got affected. Hence, it was clear that copying the Dolby Digital stereo technology in ditto for home will not work, but a lot of research was required to find out the minor tunings that were needed for the modification.


Initially, only a few of the major players could break through the code, and so, the ones who did have upper hands on the competitors. With time, technology became well-known to many and the gap among the manufacturers of good stereo systems for home was reduced. But still, there are a few like the NRG Acoustics HDV-22 that had maintained a safe lead than the others over time.

How one sound system can beat others amidst strong competition?

More than the features incorporated, it is the user friendliness that matters in case of high technology being assimilated by the normal population. There are many features that can be offered, but if they are not easily understood, manifested and controlled by the user, the latter may not find it interesting enough. Especially with sound, the matter is tougher as unlike a picture or a creative art, the quality of sound cannot be easily distinguished by untrained ears. Among our senses, our ears are the weakest and so, a drawback for the acoustics company in convincing the users.

How NRG Acoustics HDV-22 has been winning the game is a different ballgame altogether! What they have done is to look at the needs of the users more importantly than newer technologies, like Bluetooth connectivity and 5.1-channel format that makes the use of the devices easier, besides loading them with high quality sound technology.

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