Ways To Install Bethany Septic Tanks

The underground waste water structures, named as Bethany septic tanks are proven to treat waste water from the household. It is a technology used specifically to treat the waste water from the bathrooms and kitchen drains. There are mainly two ways in which the septic tanks work to disinfect the water and remove pollutants. It is necessary to stay safe and keep the tank in the best condition. You need to take proper care if you are around the tank. You should take precautions when you are getting the septic tank installation done for your place. There is a need of an experienced person to do this job. You can hire Mc Septics company to get the tank installed for the waste water treatment.

Once you decide to get septic tank installation done at your house property, you can go through the following points to get an idea of the steps required in this process.

  1. The first step is to get the confirmation from the authorised agency working for the State. This is required to be done to ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled before you begin the installation work.
  1. The application should include all the plot map that contains the actual design of the tank. The authorities will get an idea about the size of the tank and the drainage field required in it.
  1. They will take time in scanning your documents and design. They have the right to make any changes that are necessary and can even call you for additional information. You may also get some instructions regarding the features of the soil and its maintenance from the authorities.

Install Bethany Septic Tanks 1

  1. The septic tank company will show you a drawing of the system. The layout will give you an estimate of the minimum size of digging of the soil. You can get it done accordingly from the laborers. Try to avoid all the hurdles so that your task becomes easy.
  1. There is a feature of limiting soil that is to be kept in mind. The hired company will determine the height so that the water table can be fixed at the limiting soil layer. You will have an idea of the depth of the soil that is required for installing the tank as per the design.
  1. You have to give a thought to the heavy vehicles that drive over. They should not harm the pipelines that lead to the tank. So carefully get the design prepared by a professional to avoid mistakes.
  1. You will have to get pipes installed at three levels, one is from the house to the tank, second to the septic tank and third to the drainage field. You have to make sure that the drop is arranged properly so that the flow is downwards.

Get the installation done from a good and reputed contractor, so that chances of mishap are reduced. Once the process is completed, you must check for the leakage, if any, get it repaired immediately. You will have to organise covers for the tank to keep them well-maintained. The whole process can be summed up into three parts, the correct design, its installation and proper maintenance.

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