What are the side effects of Stanozolol you should be least bothered about?

What are the side effects of Stanozolol you should be least bothered about?

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When you are prepared to consume steroids, you must weigh in the side effects and whether you are mentally and physically ready to face the worse. Every steroid has some potential side effects. Some of these side effects become very prominent when the dosage is high. But there are certain least harmful side effects that are feasible even when the consumption is not high. Most of the times, such harmful effects are completely ignored because they are never noticeable.

Harmful Side Effects of Stanozolol

One of the foremost serious side effects of Stanozolol consumption especially in high dosage is the high risk of good HDL cholesterol break down in the body.  LDL cholesterol which is considered to be bad for health, that goes up with Stanozolol. So, if you are suffering from inadequate cholesterol which is the case in most of the amateur bodybuilders, you should definitely consult a doctor before its consumption. In most of the cases, the person taking Stanozolol is advisable to have a diet plan that contains foods that can help build HDL cholesterol and are a source of fatty acid.

If you focus on the side effects that Stanozolol for men, the main side effects that become noticeable after a few days of consumption is the drop in the level of testosterone. The suppression of testosterone is due to the anabolic androgenic steroids. It is observable as the sex drive in the person will be lowered. Therefore, it is always recommended to men to have it as a combination of any particular form of testosterone to make up for the suppression and maintain the normal level.

least harmful side effects

Stanozolol is toxic to the liver when the dosage is high. It increases the level of enzymes present in the liver. But how toxic the effect will be, it depends from person to person, duration of consumption of the steroid and obviously, the dosage. But some experts consider this not so harmful a side effect because it actually helps in healing the bad liver. The level of enzymes reaches the normal level as soon as you stop consuming it. Therefore, the effect is temporary and should not bother you if you are planning to have it for a short duration. One thing to keep in mind while consuming Stanozolol is that you have to stop consuming alcohol.

Not So Prominent Side Effects

Stanozolol has certain least harmful side effects, and they are hair loss and acne. Hair loss is always an expected side effect because it is an anabolic steroid. But it depends from person to person. Sometimes, very low doses can cause hair loss in some while others never experience this side effect. But the loss of hair is never drastic, and hence, it should never be a major concern. Similarly, acne could be visible during the consumption period only and will vanish as soon as you stop taking it.

Women can use Stanozolol safely without any major problems and side effects. It could have some effects or liver, virility, and lipid level on the body but they are temporary. But if women especially athletes start taking it in high dosage, there could be certain side effects that will affect femininity.

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