What Every Steroid Newbie Should Know Beforehand

What Every Steroid Newbie Should Know Beforehand

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Steroid’s popularity in bodybuilding is evident throughout the world. Yet at the same time, its unfavorable reputation and the risks it entails when consumed are also, widely known. In recent news, the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the United Arab Emirates issued a warning to those who buy online products marketed as bodybuilding drugs.

This came after the US Food and Drug Administration gave a similar alert about the serious health risks posed by these products. In particular to younger bodybuilders who might end up buying and taking they unsupervised.

Unnecessary Casualties of Steroids

In recent years, two bodybuilders passed. In 2015, Dean Wharmby died from liver tumors. An official examination of the body raised the probability of anabolic steroid misuse as the reason behind it. Hence, the appeal to bodybuilders to consider its risks before using them so as not to misuse it.

The former Mr. California Rich Piana passed away last August following two weeks in a medically induced coma. Prior to his death, the 46-year-old spoke frankly about steroids in his career as a bodybuilder. While he admitted to using, he declared he didn’t abuse it. Then again, his death would exemplify long-term use might not manifest itself physically. Yet it can still cause serious damage.

As a steroid newbie, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. In doing so, it could keep you from being another casualty of steroids.

Read About Steroids

The last thing you want is to get into steroids without knowing anything about it. Even if you don’t have the patience to research. You’ll want to make an exception in this case. Moreover, it’s a better alternative to taking the word of a friend who’s using a particular steroid. Given steroid’s popularity in bodybuilding, you won’t be lacking in resources to read. However, be wise when choosing resources in order to get the real information you need.

Plan Your Steroid Cycles

Your safety should be your primary concern. Hence, planning is imperative. You want to be able to get the optimum results without sacrificing your health. Once again, this varies from one individual to the next. Hence, what worked on your gym buddy might now work for you. Before anything else, consider what you hope to achieve by taking steroids. Likewise, take into consideration your nutritional needs and training regimen. Experts advise first-timers to start their steroid cycle with testosterone as it’s probably your body would have better tolerance for it.

Understand the Possible Side Effects

Awareness of the side effects of steroids gives you fair warning about what could happen to you if you abuse steroids. At the same time, it makes you more vigilant about how your body reacts to it. Bear in mind, any drug can produce side effects. So, you can manage any undesirable outcome from taking steroids. In general, you might experience nausea and stomach pain. For women, it could result in irregular menstruation. For men, it could result in a lower sperm count.

Keep these pointers in mind before you get into steroids.

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