What Happens to The Body When We Swim

Swimming in the sea generally refreshes and fills the body with energy. The sea causes such an effect due to minerals whose composition is similar to the composition of the liquid part of the blood or plasma. Swimming or simply moving the body represents the perfect muscle gymnastics and blood circulation. Walking through the water is also a very useful activity because it prevents fluid retention in the body and the production of cellulite. The only thing to keep in mind is that bathing does not go immediately after a meal, because cold water can block digestion and lead to a sudden feeling of weakness. If the sea water is colder, you do not have to stay long and have to swim. If you need a legal assistance today, davies divorce law firm is here for you.

The impacts of the sea on health is countless. It works in “cooperation” with sea air and sun rays.
Sea air and specific odor release a characteristic component of dimethyl sulphide which positively affects the airways. Whoever choses this enriched sea air in the evening will sleep better, because oxygen is absorbed more than the negative ions. In addition, negative ions fight free radicals and establish a balance of hormones of happiness and satisfaction, serotonin.

Even the heir of the medicine, Hippocrates, discovered the healing effect of the sea on his native island of Kos in the Aegean Sea. He watched the wounded hands of fishermen who quickly healed, and the wounds were not treated. He realized that, in fact, sea water reduces the risk of infection and restores skin cells, stimulating the ingestion of minerals from the water and the removal of toxins from the blood.

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Enraged by the sea, poet Euripides wrote that it restores human health, Plato claimed to “wash away” all the troubles, and the Roman physician and philosopher Galen of Greek descent described the healing effect of salt particles from the sea air.

Treatment with sand

In the world, it is increasingly recommended to treat sunburn with warm sunlight and sprinkle minerals from the sea. The therapy is carried out by completely covering the person with sand, or only certain parts of the body in which there are problems. The head, neck and chest always stay out of the sand, free.

Those practicing in this therapy are advised to initially “dive” in the sand for 10 minutes, and after a few days the time is gradually prolonged, but not longer than half an hour. The sand should be completely dry so that it can free heat. In this way, the heat is transferred to the body at the same time, but also all other useful ingredients, especially mineral salts. This type of treatment is particularly effective in the case of rheumatic inflammation of the joints, arthrosis caused by the starvation of the cartilage in the joints, as well as other health problems in the bones and joints. It is not recommended only to people with heart problems, poor circulation and brittle capillaries.


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