What Is A Real News

In the ancient days there was nothing exactly known as news because by the time it reaches the ears of public the news would have become old news. This is something which is happening or hot. The market is full of news today that is not because of the incidences but because of too many news channels.  Real news is the one having stubborn attitude to pierce the thoughts of public.

There should be some reality in the news. Today’s news has no such features because news channels are creating unnecessary storm out of simple things. Hence current generation news channels are not real news channels and the news generated by these channels is not real. Reality of any news depends on many people like news collector, editor and news reader. Person deputed for collecting the news should get back with original news.

This is not happening as he is interested to make his own story and getting back to channel office with spice in the news. The news editor feels like adding some more spices in the news and he goes on adding interesting things in it. During the process the actual news loses its originality and public is never made aware of real news. The real news is the one which is presented exactly in the same manner as seen. The news reader is the one who presents the news to the viewers.

The news reader gets the scripted news so he doesn’t have to make any changes in it. Fortunately news doesn’t get filtered in this stage otherwise there is nothing called news. It will remain only as a story. The news reader should have specific qualities and following section describes the qualities of a news reader.

Qualities Of A News Reader

There are no gender specifications for a news reader still female news readers are more preferred. It is due to their appealing way of reading news. They can get more viewership because they can present news better than male news readers. The news readers should be comfortable with the language in which they are going to present news.

In fact command over the language adds to the point. They should be good looking and soft spoken. The news readers are professional readers and their language should be smooth and clear. They shouldn’t have public fear because during recording they have to face many people in the studio.