What is the difference between scrapers and wreckers?

What is the difference between scrapers and wreckers?

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If you are looking to Sell your car in Brisbane that is junk and you aren’t sure whether to take it to a scraper or a wrecker, today’s blog post will help you decide where to get the most cash for car. Can’t wait? Let’s dive right in to make sure you get the most out of your unwanted car removal in Brisbane.

Wreckers – what do they do?

Automotive salvage yards, also known as wreckers or parts yards, have a similar way of operating. Salvage yards buy cars that are not running or cannot be repaired and then sell the parts of those cars in these yards. Such cars provide a greater value to the wreckers as they can sell all the parts of the car individually.

Wreckers usually drain the fluid from the cars and place the units in a lot so that customers can come and select the parts themselves from the vehicle at a much lower price than they would buy from the auto part stores. There are also some wreckers who remove the parts and sell them directly to the public.

Once all the usable parts from the car removal process are extracted, the cars are then crushed, and the leftover metal scrap is then sold to the refinery. Wreckers are the eco-friendliest businesses as they ensure that all the parts are recycled, even the motor oil and the gas.

Coming to Scrapers

Scrapers pay less to a customer wants to Sell a Car as they are not authorised to sell all the usable parts of the vehicle. They sell scrap metal to different sources mostly by pounds and sometimes by ton, and they pay accordingly to the metal being recycled. Usually a scraper will advertise its services for car removal, which are no longer useful for people and they don’t need these cars. Customers usually pay for the tools and the labour for the extraction of the parts from the scrapyard.

The major difference between scrapers and wreckers is that scrapers sell everything by weight rather than by item. For scrapers, the value of the scrap will be what the smelter will give them in return, rather than the shape of the metal that it may be in. If the wrecker in Brisbane is unable to sell the metal above the value it is in, they will take it to a scraper and sell it by weight. Such equipment that contains parts of various metals can be bought at low price than that of actual metal as the cost of the labour is saved at scrapyards required to remove the metal before sending for recycling.

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