What software can you use for custom thumbnail?

What software can you use for custom thumbnail?

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The role that social media plays in society today is extremely heightened as compared to what it did a few years ago. We depend on it for our daily source of news, entertainment and to connect to people in our lives. Its influence and impact are so much bigger than entire industries and markets are being created through this channel. One site which stands out is Facebook, which has over 2.2 billion active users worldwide. Here one video can get a million plus views quite easily, but it has to be appealing as well.

The first step is to get a good picture and make it into a thumbnail, and then use a customized YouTube thumbnail, which can be uploaded on Facebook.

A thumbnail is basically a picture which gives a small glimpse into what the video holds and clicking on it leads to the video URL. Therefore it has to be a good picture and should ideally contain a certain amount of things for people to click on it. let us take a look at what can you do to make your thumbnail standout:

  • Using face shots: Arguably the best way to get views is by using a picture of you or your subject smiling, these shots often appeal to the human side of things. We tend to associate things such as smiles and open eyes with trust, hence our affinity to click on videos with faces.
  • Bright and clear images: Using images which are highly detailed and shot in bright conditions bring out all the features of the picture. These look much better than usual thumbnails and can attract far more viewers, than a pixelated image. You should always record in the highest possible settings, so you can take good screen grabs of the video.
  • Amazing shots: If your video features shot from picturesque shots or clips which are in slow motion, you might want to slow it down frame by frame and get a great image clip. Doing this can help you get a unique thumbnail, one which nobody is likely to use. Seeing such shots evokes something in us, as we do not usually see these shots on a daily basis.

With these tips in mind, your thumbnail picture is all set, but you will also need to give it an imaginative and captivating title. You could make the title suggestive or interrogative as if the question is being posed to the viewer themselves and they will be forced to answer it by watching the video.

There are many platforms and applications which can help you create a custom thumbnail which you can upload everywhere. They will hide the unnecessary URL links and even give your video a custom play button, to help it stand out. Using a customized YouTube to Facebook thumbnail can do wonders for your video views, as it can increase your outreach to audiences you thought were out of reach. As a custom thumbnail makes it look different, it is more likely to appeal to many more people and help you get views.

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