When you need heart valve replacement surgery?

When you need heart valve replacement surgery?

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With the advancement in medical science and technologies, heart valve replacement surgery has become so common now days. People with severe cardiac symptoms including shortness of breath, angina and syncope or heart failure symptoms are considering this surgery to be free from the heart valve problems. Even though there are several medical centers in the world, India is said to be one of the best places to undergo valve replacement surgery due to top level medical treatment at affordable rates.

What is the process?

Valve replacement surgery also called as aortic valve surgery is the process of replacing the damaged heart valve with the mechanical valve. Mechanical valve can be either made of synthetic materials or can be a valve taken from cow, pig or human donors.

The new valve eases the symptoms of chest pain and breathlessness and assures relive from strain. Even though surgery is said to be complicated when compared with other similar forms, best surgeon can assure high rate of success.  Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is low when compared with other countries.

When to consider surgery?

If you have the problems including valve leaking and narrowing, valve stenosis, damaged heart valves, malfunctioning of prosthetic heart valve, bleeding problems connected with anticoagulants etc, then it is the time to consult a specialized doctor for diagnosis. Doctor will recommend you with valve replacement surgery based upon your problems and diagnosis report.

Diagnosis process

Your doctors recommend you for some of the important tests including Transesophageal echocardiography, Echocardiography, Radionuclide scans, Cardiac catheterization, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  These tests are conducted by the specialized medical experts with the help of advanced medical technologies to assure best ever treatment for the candidates. Based on the reports, medical officers will suggest the candidate for valve replacement surgery in case it demands it.

Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India i

Best place for surgery

Without doubt we can say that India is the best place to undergo valve replacement surgery. With several reputed hospitals in all important cities of the country, people from different parts of the world can select the hospital in accordance with their preferences. The country provides quality medical treatment and medications for both residential and international candidates.

With high level infrastructural facilities, welcoming staffs, experienced faculties, friendly supporting staffs and most modern amenities, hospitals assure the candidates with tension free and homely atmosphere.

Convenient consulting services 

As said above if you feel problems with your heart, and then it is the time to book your consultation with a reputed doctor or medical centre. They provide you with convenient consultation services to make your treatment comfortable. Your heart is so important for you and hence never ignores any of the negative symptoms related with the functioning of heart. Budget is made out of problem with the manageable aortic valve replacement cost in India. Number of foreigners visiting India for valve replacement surgery is increasing in good rate now days.

It is also a good idea to get professional support from reputed medical travel assistance servicers to book consultation with ease of hands and minds.


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