Which blade – plastic or metal is good for your fan?

Which blade – plastic or metal is good for your fan?

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Fans when they were first released for the general public in the year of 1908 (which is the first recorded mention of the fan of electrical type for general public) in United Kingdom, the design of the fan was very much different from what it is now. The fan was very bulky and the speed of the fan was not this much. Over the span of time from that day to this, the fans have undergone tremendous research and have emerged out different from what it used to be. Whether the new design was better or not is a totally different aspect but the fans have undergone extensive experimentation to reach where they are now.

The major reason as to why the fans today are very different from what they used to be is the fact that developers and the companies have looked into the design and efficiency of each and every factor. Aspects of the fan which were thought to be useless were also upgraded to upgrade the overall quality of fan. Aspects of fan like the thickness of blades, angle of blades, no of blades, sharpness of blades etc along with a few others are few of those reason which no one thought that would be every looked into and studied to make the fan more efficient.

The study and research into the individual parts of the fan have made the fan much more efficient from what we started with. Not only the efficiency has improved and the fans have become very light along with getting compact, but also the fan has a lot many options in terms of type, design, size, output airflow, controls, electrical consumption etc. These options didn’t exist two or threedecades back. This availability of options leads to a few confusions in the minds of the customer as to go with which of the product. One such confusion that arises is that whether one should use a blade made up of plastic or should one go with the metal one? Well both of them have their own advantages over the other and they are as follows:

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Advantages of metal blades over plastic ones

  • Metal blades in a fan are very much more durable as compared to plastic ones.
  • Metal blades are flexible when it comes to withstanding sudden jerks on falling from a height while the plastic blade cracks.
  • Metal blades look aesthetically more classy and thus more pleasing when it comes to simplicity along with beauty.
  • Metal blades are more durable and move fast if not very heavy because of the hard structure and sharp finish.

Advantages of plastic blades over the metal ones

  • Metal blades start rusting once you wet clean it. Even the stainless steel ones start rusting. The brass blades start oxidizing and need polishing.
  • The plastic blades are easy to clean in comparison to the metal blades.
  • Plastic blades are cheap fans as compared to metal.
  • Plastic blades make less noise as compared to the blades of metal.

The final decision rests with you as the user only knows what he wants in the end and decide accordingly. However the plastic blades are growing in popularity again very much due to their long life and the environmental impact of plastic should be dealt with seriously.

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