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One of the greatest tragedies in the history of mankind has been the recent criminalization of the hemp, it is mainly because of the existence of large number of people, the hemps are not only unrestricted but they are also greatly reversed. Also, due to the ignorance and the wrong information, many people thought that the cannabis is a bad thing that could not be further from truth.

No one should be arrested while having the cannabis, but so many people are being arrested on every hour. The fear that runs through everyone’s heart when they are in the kind of situation cannot be tolerated by anybody. But some may believe that it is good to punish the people for this. Do you believe that in California you should be arrested or thrown into the police car, or drained thousands of dollars for drinking alcohol or for smoking the cigarettes, because these both are literally more dangerous than taking cannabis?

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Some people may say that the cannabis should be illegal, because it is dangerous. First of all, this statement is completely false. For more than thousands of years while talking about this weed legalization, cannabis is used in number of settings with safety, and this has been only in last hundreds of years out of ten thousand years than any other negative statements, which have been made about cannabis.

The one clue for the effectiveness of the cannabis is very simple fact, by which the people can derive the great relief from smoking. It is not amazing that smoking is more effective to people that the actual prescribed medication. And the secret is that the cannabis may reach only small fractions of potential while smoked, the true power may lies in extract.

Many may had a question in mind about is weed legal in California. The answer is yes. But, for the Californians, those who crossed 21 years can only take the cannabis. That too they can take up to 1 ounce for the recreational use. The qualified patients can take up to 8 ounces of cannabis. Even this is legal for the recreational use, this is not allowed to use in many public places of California. At the same time, the transport and the sale of cannabis is completely legal.

The best way to use the cannabis medically is only to extract the resins and to concentrate them, thus forming the substance known as hemp oil. The ideal and the easy extraction of the hemp oil are developed by the man named Simpson. This hemp oil has its own medical benefits and this even cure in many cases of the terminal cancer.

The benefits of cannabis do not stop here. The hemp is the industrial power house, as this can be converted into thousands of products. This can also used as a renewable fuel, can replace the trees as a source of paper, and thus the seeds from hemp are more nutritious in the plant kingdom. These are only few things among many things that the hemp can do.

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