Why is train journey convenient?

Why is train journey convenient?

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Whether you are a little kid or an old person, the best way to travel around India is by a train. You can hire a taxi or get into a bus, but nothing is as comfortable and exciting as boarding a train and enjoying the journey. Trains are preferred by many people when there is a possibility of travel. There are various reasons why each one of us chooses a train and do train enquiry seat availability.

Here are some reasons why trains are considered convenient –

Suitable for group travel –

If you are on a holiday with a bunch of your friends, it is always cool to get on a train. Sitting in separate and isolated seats of a bus or a plane will make at least some of you miss out on the fun. Inside a train, you can sit as you want, cluster up in one seat, gang up in an entire section or the whole bogie. There is room and enough space for everyone to be a part of the exciting stories and conversations going on.

Toilets –

This one is a saviour for not just the elderly, who cannot control their bladder and little kids, who are frequently doing potty, but also to every one of us especially during winters. If we are travelling long distances, we will have to use the toilets. Finding a toilet outside is quite difficult in India. So, trains are the best.

Safe –

Trains are considered the safest mode of travelling. There are hardly any accidents that involve trains. And trains can travel in maximum speed without scaring the people inside. It is actually fun to watch the outside world from a fast moving train. The same cannot be said about a plane or a car. People are generally phobic about travelling on planes. Trains are the best option for such scared ones. Also, as the train doesn’t jump, wobble or put sudden brakes, it is ideal for aged people and the ones with back problems. In fact, the doctors suggest travelling in a train if you have a slip disc or any such issue.

Economic –

The fares of a train ticket are very economic. Also, they are stable too. There is no hike for one way ticket rather than the round trip like in a plane. Train tickets are basic and transparent. You can choose the kind of seat you want based on your economic ability. There are seats for everyone, poor and super rich. Probably, that is one important reason why we all love the railways so much. We have not seen a massive hike in the rate of tickets since many decades.

Old world charm –

This might sound filmy or even crazy, but there is something romantic about taking a train. It is traditional and fun. You get to meet new people and see new places. Unlike the plane, the journey can be seen and enjoyed until you reach the destination. From reading books to playing cards, you can just do anything on a plane which might not be possible in a cramming seat of any other vehicle.

 These are the reasons why trains are still a hot favourite among travellers.

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