Why using CRM software for travel industry ?

Since people are living in the era of technology, it is quite hard to avoid implementing a program in the way you are handling your business in whatever domain you would be working. For instance, when talking about the travel industry, there are a multitude of programs that could help you out managing everything more efficiently than you used to. Writing each appointment into an agenda and dealing with all your customer info manually could be extremely tiring and inefficient. See below a series of benefits that CRM solutions can bring to any business, especially in the travel industry. Plus, you can read about here.

The benefits of using a CRM solution

Of course, like in any other domain, using CRM software for travel industry comes with many benefits. Any company that needs help with the way each process is handled should opt for implementing such software. Here are some of the benefits you might want to know about:

  • Saving time

A CRM automates many of the usual yet time-consuming tasks that are not sales-related. This helps employees do the one activity they are actually paid for: to sell. The more time spent in front of potential customers, instead of browsing through complicated documents, means a sales increase, which will makes everyone happy. This is possible by implementing a CRM solution which will grant you the possibility to access your information in real time. For travel agencies, that require precise data handling this would be paramount.

  • Looking professional

Many management tools can be remotely accessed via a smartphone so that the salesperson can extract information right in the middle of a meeting with a potential or actual client if necessary. Which situation do you think looks best for a customer: a salesperson that keeps all information in an electronic database and finds the right information immediately or one that keeps dozens of notes and getsstuck just by finding the client’s name?

  • Saving money

It is true that more sophisticated CRMs can cost a small fortune. But if your activity allows you to opt some CRM tools instead of the entire suite, find less expensive or even free alternatives by searching through each vendor’s promotions and offers. Usually, travel agencies need help with automating some of the processes involved, not all of them. Obtaining optimal business results is the ultimate goal.


  • Convenience in use

If the entire sales team uses the same customer relationship management system, it’s easy to share the information they need right on time. Most CRM modules allow you to create script templates, frequently used on your phone or email, and the team can distribute these templates between its members. Many CRMs support mobile devices, so all information can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

  • Generate more interest

A good CRM can help tremendously in creating the consumer’s interest in the company’s products. For example, many CRMs can integrate into site and social media campaigns. They send customers directly to the seller. This means that the sales team spends more time on calls, which have the chance to be more fruitful. By following the activity of each sales agent, you can keep track of calls so you do not encounter inefficient situations. Imagine two employees contact the same person for a different offer to a certain destination. That would be inappropriate and unpleasant.

Vendors that offer CRM software for travel industry

  • bpm’online

Bpm’online offers solutions and features for solving all your problems in the travel industry. For instance, you can try out the lead generation feature which helps you capture and track all the leads from one single platform and a few clicks. You will have a single contract database which will help you with managing your clients.

The same goes with BP Logix which is a capable CRM vendor, offering features such as processing your timeline, improving the workflow of the company, reduce expenses and even engaging the customer more by handling info easier. BP Logix also offers the possibility of accessing information from a mobile platform which is extremely convenient for any employee.

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