Why you must switch to Airtel prepaid today

Why you must switch to Airtel prepaid today

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This article lists the advantages of taking an Airtel prepaid connection, and explains how easy it is to buy a new prepaid connection.

Having a mobile phone has become more of a necessity than a luxury today. Most people today reach out for their phones for all their needs, whether calling or banking, shopping or looking for information. The mobile phone today is a single-stop destination for all your daily needs, be it social interaction or personal finance, for instance. It is now so much more than a mere communications device.

But your mobile phone can perform all your daily tasks for you provided you back it up with a good postpaid or prepaid plan. If you are a light to moderate phone user, you can pick a suitable prepaid plan that is priced low but which offers all the benefits that you seek from a phone connection: high speed, lots of daily data, unlimited calling, and access to exclusive apps.

Airtel prepaid is your best bet.

Why Airtel prepaid?

Airtel is one of the leading brands in the mobile telephony space in India. It has the highest proliferation of cell phone towers, which ensures constant, always-on connectivity.

Plus, Airtel offers the highest network speeds, and almost zero outages anywhere in the country. You are assured of robust calling and messaging capabilities, as well as quick uploads and downloads and attractively priced prepaid packs.

Here’s how you buy the Airtel prepaid SIM online

  • Log on to the Airtel website or smartphone app (myAirtel app) to buy the Airtel prepaid SIM online.
  • You can choose between two new prepaid packs from Airtel: one is priced at Rs 248 and is valid for 28 days, while the other is priced at Rs 495 and is valid for 84 days. Both packs offer unlimited calls, 1.4 GB daily data, and free access to Airtel TV Premium appfor latest shows and films.
  • Fill out the form on the web page so that Airtel can contact you for the next steps. The form asks you to list a few basic details. You must submit your name, mobile number, address, pin code for Delhi/NCR and whether you want a new phone number or wish to convert to Airtel prepaid.
  • The new SIM card is then sent to your residence. Please note that this service is currently available for Delhi/NCR only.
  • Once purchased, the KYC process is done at your home and the application form is also filled out during this time. The SIM card becomes active in just a few hours.
  • This is it: these are the steps to buy Airtel prepaid SIM online!

You can now start using your new Airtel prepaid SIM, and recharge the pack every time the validity runs out. You will get an SMS alert about pack recharge – just do it online within a few minutes, and continue to enjoy uninterrupted services.

With Airtel prepaid, you get lots of daily data, super-fast speeds and almost zero network outages.

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