Would you lie to your partner about your level of debt?

Would you lie to your partner about your level of debt?

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Shocking new research has revealed that 37% of Brits lie to their partner about how much debt they are in. The lies revealed vary from lying about how much money is owed, the number of debts they have with some respondents even claiming they had no debts. The research looking into the issues people have with debts and relationships and surveyed over 1,800 adults from across the UK.

The research showed that:

  • 37% of Brits lie about the amount of debt they are in.

And of those:

  • 47% stated they had no debt, when in fact they had.
  • 35% claimed to owe less than they actually do
  • 18% had claimed to owe more money than they actually do to avoid paying joint bills.

My Voucher Codes, who carried out the research, also asked respondents what sort of debt they were in and discovered that many people were in debt which was held on credit cards (38%) and store cards (10%).


It is very common for people to try and give the best impression of themselves when they start dating someone new, and for many people admitting to being bad at finances, they will worry is not an attractive feature. This can lead to people withholding information and what was meant as an innocent lie can be impossible to retract when the relationship becomes a lot more serious. However, communication is vital in a healthy relationship, and the guilt of keeping a secret, especially in relation to something as serious as financial constraints could have far reaching effects.

Getting a firm hand on finances is extremely important and often the help of a spouse can make a daunting process significantly easier

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