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The British Virgin Islands are a beautiful group of islands in the heart of the Caribbean. It is a dream holiday destination for many people. More than 60 idyllic islands, including Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Anegada and Virgin Gorda, make up the BVI. The turquoise waters that offer diving, fishing, sailing and swimming is as intoxicating as any other sedatives. Tortola is the largest island in the volcanic chain and has beautiful beaches and coves, forts, ruins and warm, welcoming people. Virgin Gorda boasts yacht clubs, swank resorts and secluded sands. Coconut palms shade beaches on tiny Jost van Dyke. Sailing is a very popular way to travel between islands. Ferries are the other option.

It is one of the most popular yachting destinations in the world for a reason. The beautiful, serene surroundings are unrivalled until paired with the resorts, activities, and weather. Staying at any one of the many resorts is a treat, but chartering a boat truly is truly amazing. While you charter a yacht in the BVI, you have the opportunity to travel and see different islands, eat at different restaurants, and see new sights. Starting from the beautiful, clean beaches to the incredible coral reefs, the scenery here will leave an imprint on your mind for a lifetime. Chartering a yacht allows you to have both privacy and control over your vacation. Thus Luxury yacht charters are important for your BVI vacation.

 Chartering a yacht offer a variety of interesting amenities, price-levels, and opportunities so that you can explore the local islands. If you wish to sniggle in one of the most diversely populated marine habitats in the world or sit on the deck and let the sun kiss you; water ski or tube, or visit the local restaurants, spas, and resorts, the yacht charters can help you find your specific needs. It is the hassle free process, and allows you to perfectly enjoy the beautiful British Virgin Islands. The yacht charters look forward to make your BVI holidays memorable and care about all your needs and fulfil them. The ultimate goal of luxury yacht charter is to satisfy you and be at your service always.



There are so much facilities that are provided by the yacht charters which aims at beautifully functioning your holiday at BVI.


The yachts are equipped with the latest amenities, making sure your stay pleasant. All BVI yacht charters are equipped with the basics of air conditioning, galley, private showers, wireless internet, and wonderful food. Each yacht has its own crew, including a captain and a chef. Charters with premium wines and cocktails, private staterooms, spacious cockpits, and beautiful sunlit decks are also available.


The crew is of utmost importance when considering a BVI yacht charter. The quality of the crew on board your yacht makes a huge difference in the quality of your experiencing chartering a boat. From preparing gourmet meals to safely guiding snorkelling trips, the best crews are recruited so that you don’t have any complain during your stay.


The BVI have enough activities to keep everyone entertained. One of the major benefits of chartering your own boat is that you can build your own vacation and travel from island to island. From the boat, you can engage in water sports such as tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Even Scuba diving facilities are provided.

So, plan your vacation in BVI along with yacht charters.

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