You Can Now Watch Your Favorite Indian Movies Online

Are you ready to watch your favorite Indian movies online? We have some great news to all movie buffs and couch potatoes out there. You favorite Indian movies are now made available to you online. You do not have to download and wait for your favorite movies. We have a better suggestion. Just go ahead and download Yuppflix and you will get to enjoy your movies that are available online and watch using your mobile devices or smartphones!

Here is the lineup of fresh new movies that you enjoy.

1. Pa Paandi Tamil 

This movie revolves around a retired stunt master, Paandi, who lives with his son’s family. Somehow, he always finds himself in the middle of a social conflict until he stumbled upon one that instantly became a serious police case. It is the same reason why his son got mad at him that made him go on a bike trip. This bike trip leads him to find the love of his life, Poondhendral.

This movie provides a really interesting twist that you should not miss.

You Can Now Watch Your Favorite Indian Movies Online

2. Saaya Tamil 

This thriller is about a girl named, Saaya and her connection with the dead. It is about eternal love that echoes even in the afterworld.

This thriller-romance movie is both heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s totally a must-watch.

3. Singam Tamil

This movie is about an honest police who took his life because he couldn’t take how people perceived him. So his wife took matters into her own hands and bring justice to her husband’s death by trying to prove that a gangster framed her husband. This is a powerful and emotional drama that is a must-watch.

4. Pokiri Raja Telugu

This Tollywood action drama movie revolves around a family, mafia gangsters, and two people who find love in a strange circumstance.

Pokiri Raja Telugu is a movie you can enjoy if you want some action and drama fix on a lazy Sunday night.

5. EnkittaMothathe Tamil

This 2017 Indian action-drama film that features your favorite stars namely. Natraj, Parvathy Nair, Rajaj, and Sanchita Shetty. This movie revolves around the two opposing leaders of fan clubs during the year 1988. The film was just released recently and was warmly received by the audience.

The story is a little common but wonderfully portrayed by these actors. It is a great watch if you need some insights on the 80’s times. It is definitely one nostalgic trip to the past wrapped in an engaging story.

So there you go! You can now enjoy these movies anywhere and at any time. Just download the app, Yuppflix and you are good to go. You can watch these movies in HD. The movie streaming service also supports 9 different languages like Tamil movies online and available in more than 50 countries.

There are other thousands of different options to choose from. This is incredibly convenient especially when you are on the road traveling or simply when you are bored and do not have an access to a television or computer. You will never get bored again.

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