Riding a luxury fleet in every your journey is not a hard dream to realize. Everyone would want to ride a luxury and comfortable fleet to travel. Now you can get all that you want at Chicago Motor Coach. Chicago Motor Coach is the best place to hire a vehicle according to what you need. We have a luxury and classy fleet so you will feel comfortable while riding it. Equipped with luxurious interiors, you will be satisfied with our services. We make sure you will not be disappointed with the services that we offer. Starting from a comfortable seat, seat belts, DVDs, CD players, even Wifi is also available in our fleet. Enhance your travel privacy by hiring our most sophisticated fleets at Chicago Motor Coach.

Luxury Fleet Motor Coach

The fleet of motor coach is one of our fleets which has the most seats at 56. This amount is enough so you can hire for your friends, team or big family trip. This motor coach is designed according to our order. So, it has a variety of additional equipment that is not in any other motor coach. The inside interior of this motor coach is very good and equipped with various interesting features so it can entertain you on the way. For example, DVD / TV monitor system, PA system, and CD player. You can play your favorite movies or kinds of music on your trip with our fleet at Chicago Motor Coach. besides the equipment, we also equip the motor coach with a restroom which is exactly located at the back of our fleet. You do not worry if on a long trip you want to go to the restroom. Because the restroom has been available in our fleet. This is very easy for passengers, especially female passengers who often go to the restroom.


The Difference Between Coach Bus and Motor Coach

Motor coach and coach bus are very different. In terms of shape and interior and passenger capacity. The coach bus has 40 seats. The seats are made of leather. It’s very luxurious and likes the expensive bus that is used by celebrities. Another luxurious impression comes from other interiors namely fiber optic mood lighting, PA system, CD sound system, TV, and DVD. It really feels like our own bus with the various equipment that is in it.

Executive Coach Bus and Executive Mini Coach Bus

This type of bus at a glance looks the same. However, these buses have one difference, namely the number of seats. For an executive coach bus has seats as many as 32 seats, while the mini coach bus has only 28 seats. These buses are perfect for your rental trips such as transfers to the airport. These buses are equipped with the same equipment in every bus, such as seat belts, flat screen television, DVD / CD players and PA systems that provide first class entertainment. Isn’t it luxurious? Are you interested to hire it?

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